Thursday, August 09, 2007


This past July 22nd I was involved in a situation wherein I seriously hurt my witness for Christ- Road-rage.

This is what happened: I had just taken my son to dinner. At dinner he was telling me about how some punk was messing with him at summer-school, and how that he was intending to fight him the next day. I told him that I was once a fighter in school and had many fights then. I told him that that made me an authority, able to tell him to do the right thing by forgiving this individual. He would not hear of it. I was going nowhere here. The dinner ended, and he still did not see my point.

Fifteen minutes later, on the road home, a punk started throwing me the finger and cussing me while driving side by side with me. He apparently did not like my driving. Did I start praying for and forgiving him as I ought? No! Instead I disobeyed God's word and the leadings of God's Holy Spirit. After taking it a bit I pulled in behind him while blowing my horn, motioning in his rear-view mirror to pull over so that we could fight; all this in front of my son! He finally pulled over. We both stormed out of our vehicles and met, face to face. I pushed him backwards as other drivers converged to intervene. The police were called and I was issued an order to appear in criminal court on August 8.

Well, I had my day in court. While there I ran into somebody who used to attend a home Bible-study my wife and I had back in the mid 90's. Yup, somebody that used to hear me teach the Bible was there to see me answer to charges of harassment, 2nd degree. Yes, it was the State of New York versus Mark Pierson. There I was, one time Elder and Deacon and teacher of adult Bible-study, standing there while the Judge orders me to attend an Anger-Management class so that the charge would go away.

Mark Pierson, chief sinner, appealing to the Grace and Mercy of God in Christ. Where else can one go but to the Throne of Grace?